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02 December 2010


Chris Moyo

I would like to comment and contribute to the case above... I have been an asylum seeker since 2002. I will try and explain my experiences to you and then you can make your own assessment. I fled my country of origin after being 'tortured' in my nether regions...acid poured on my head{i have wounds which still show and 'weep' all the time}..I was sodomised ...all this was done when I was blindfolded. During my interview with the home office; I was told to bring proof for my case to be 'CREDIBLE'..THE Home office 'magic word.
1.I had/still have wounds.. clearly visible and still eating away at my scalp..I have to wear a hat to be normal.
2.I was sodomised in 2001...which has had a mental and phsycological effect on me as an individual. The home office insisted that I collect the evidence in my country of origin which is impossible!!{evidence of sodomy??..I couldnt believe it. Having tried to appoach the Medical Foundation for victims of Torture... I was told I was supposed to be 'refered' to them as they did not deal with individuals... So in a nutshell...this is what some of us face... an uphill struggle.. Physically tortured at home and mentally distabilised in countries of refuge...I would be happy to go back home if it was stable and peaceful..but then there you are!! Still in limbo and hoping..but hope worry and are constantly on edge!!

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